--- April 16, 2017 ---

Checkout our new website pages                  and                   . The logos are handmade with love!  The focus was to make the logos fun and creative. Hopefully, these logos will give the buyer a glimpse into the awesome potential of these domain names!  Use the contact page to make an offer today!

----March 28, 2017----

MoveOverFakeNews.com....Domain Dilemma buys "Fake Winning". As seen on CNN morning show. As President Trump promised, has America started winning again?  That may be up for debate. One thing is for sure, FakeWinning.com is a winning domain name!  

Make an offer today and own FakeWinning.com!

----March 26, 2017----

​Start your own domain name business with this great domain name. Available for purchase now @ DomainDilemma.com.

Hall of Fame Domains.com / Hall of Fame Domain.com

----March 21, 2017----

Why should you buy a Dotcom Domain Name?  

Tax Deduction and so much more...

Read the great blog post from Snappa.com...(see the link below). 

There is no substitute for a Dotcom domain name. Consider it to be one of the most important "tax-deductions" you will make as you start your venture. Your domain name is a reflection of your company and it determines how you will be perceived by the world. Owning the domain name of your product, concept or company name, is the foundation of a good marketing plan. Your domain name shows you are serious about what you are doing and that you are invested in your company.  It also makes your company come across as, impressive, professional, memorable, trustworthy and it implies you have "been around awhile" and that you intend to "stay around for awhile"  If you think you can "save money" on your domain name and buy an inferior name, then that is how the world will see your company!  If you are not willing to invest in your own product, concept or company name, then why should your customers invest in your company?  Truthfully, investing in your domain name, will be one of the most profitable and beneficial "tax-deductions" you will make for your business.  One added bonus is, your domain name will increase in value over time. There are a limited amount of Dotcom domain names available and all of the good names are taken.  Since the future of business is on the internet, owning your domain name is an important part to your success. 

Consider these examples: 







Which domain name will look better on your company T-Shift, logo or business card?

Which domain name will sound better and be more memorable?

Which domain name would you want to represent your company for a lifetime?

Check out that Snappa.com blog post here: 


----March 5, 2017----

Domain Dilemma acquires new term for Fake News...

ViralDeception.com / ViralDeceptions.com / Viral Diversion.com / MoveOverFakeNews.com / ViralDeflection.com

Viral Deception is set to become the new catch phrase for "fake news" related topics.  So, Move Over Fake News... ;-)

--February 26, 2017--​
Domain Dilemma acquires new domain names: FakeFont.com and FakeFonts.com.  Fake Font is a great name for an internet security / virus prevention company. Fake Font was recently highlighted by Google and has almost a million search results. Make us an offer!

--- January 17, 2018 --- LeastRacist.com

Own the Least Racist name on earth!  Make an offer now and own LeastRacist.com!  Don't let Donald Trump be the Least Racist all by himself. 

--- May 10, 2017 ---

DomainDilemma.com has the Billionaire domain name market covered. We own the most 

creative billionaire domain names. Checkout our catchy and fun billionaire domain names.

                                                        Here are a few of the names ....

BillionaireBrewery.com - BillionaireBibs.com - BillionaireBurger.com

BillionaireBingo.com - BillionaireBlackjack.com - BillionaireBikini.com - BillionaireBoobs.com  

BillionaireBreasts.com BillionaireBud.com - BillionaireCars .com...Plus more! 


--- May 12, 2017 ---As seen on CNN. SnapProtest.com is the new way of demonstrating. This site would be the perfect outlet for groups and individuals to organize a protest in a snap. Make yourself heard and organize a protest using "SnapProtest.com".  Be the proud owner of SnapProtest.com!  Make an offer now on this great domain name! 

--- May 1, 2017 ---

Everyone loves a great BURGER...(Domain Name)!  Checkout our great burger domain names!  
          HallofFameBurger.com / AllinBurger.com /  BillionaireBurger.com